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Prosciutto diVino & Salt Brandy – “circular economy”.

From 2013 to 2016

ProsciuttodiVino is our second patent  N.0001426502 – 23 December 2016.
Our seasoned and heavy hams, from 11 to 14 kg. are produced without using chemical preservatives,   when hams are ready to eat  they are  steeped  in direct contact with Sangiovese Biodynamic wine , which is ,by regulation,  chemical preservatives free too.

Ham is left steeped for several days or weeks evaluating its weight , salinity and aging period , until we get for the osmosis process,  salt transmissibility  in wine . This process gives  ham  the right and delicate tastiness necessary to make our palate enjoyable.
Therefor even our arteries cannot but be thankful.

From 2021 to 2022

After various and empirical  distillation tests  of salty unusable  wine, left  from desalination we have ventured in a “circular economy” producing   Salt Brandy  . 
Tasting Salt Brandy , it is perceived a slight salty note accompanied  by Tellencherry pepper , the same one used for ham’s salting and curing , it makes  this product  unique!
Over the last few years it has undergone a unique and interesting makeover, including packaging , branding and market-end concept strategy make-over.

I would never have thought that my understanging of charcuterie would lead me through sustainable circular economy to the production of brandy, indeed I’m proud to Say that what we produce is not just brandy’s Salt Brandy!  

Marco e Domenico Celli

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Salt Brandy
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