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Since 1959 Celli's butchery guarantees for its customers the safety of high quality meats coming from PGI Marchigiana adult bovines breed. The selected and controlled bovines are raised on uncontaminated pastures in Pietro Grazia's farm in the area of Miniera in Novafeltria.

Agostino Celli, the patriarch of the family together with his wife Ruffina Cinarelli sold meat of all the Montefeltro area in the old butcher's shop which has been replaced by the new "Bottega della Carne", managed with the same passion by Agostino's son Domenico and his wife Donatella Cedrini.

In 1982 there was the handover to Domenico Celli and his wife Donatella, the main focus became the promotion of genetic, historical and gastronomical heritage of the Montefeltro area, beside the innovation of tools and the maintenance of high professional competence.

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Salt Brandy Salt Brandy
Prosciutto diVino & Salt Brandy – “circular economy”.
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