Products: Bresaola (Marchigiana breed ) PGI

Bresaola is produced from meat of Marchigiana beef cattle and it is certified by the "Protection Consortium" of "Vitellone Bianco dell' Appennino Centrale IGP " with our certification number 868/14.

The only ingredients added to  Marchigiana meat are:"sweet"Cervia salt and sterilised Tellycherry pepper.

After the salting phase and the next drying phase, bresaola is encased in bovine gut, which will be eliminated at the end of the aging process.

Aging period lasts from 3 to 5 months depending  on the size of the product.

The semplicity of the production allows to pleasantly taste typical"norcino"products, which are good and without any kind of chimical additive so that also allergic people can taste a very natural cured meat.



Bresaola (Marchigiana breed ) PGI
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