On February 2nd 2012 Riccardo Lucque newly opened, in the center of Prague, a new bistro: "La Bottega di Finestra".

It is not only a store, it's Also a reference point for Those in search of excellent Italian food and wine products.

Upon entering the cafeteria, patisserie and delicatessen stand out right away, while the young and professional staff makes customers immediately feel at ease

The tables are Conveniently placed in different areas of the establishment at the customer's disposal, for either simple tasting, a quick lunch or dinner .

The fish is fresh and comes directly from Venice and Porto d'Ascoli, the bread is prepared and baked by Mimmo, a great baker from Altamura, and the fresh meat is uniquely of Marchigiana breed PGI, supplied by my company and cut and processed on site.

The expert and nice Emilio takes care of the adjacent room, where we can find a wide range of wines, typical cheese and charcuterie products.

Celli 'which Has Been supplying cured meats and Marchigiana PGI meat to two restaurants and a store by the same owner for almost two years now, was present at the event and displayed to journalists and its audience preservatives-free cured meats, such as the " Mandolin Montefeltro "Which is the first" charcuterie "patent from the area of Montefeltro.

Then, with the help of my son Marco, in front of an audience made up of journalists, photographers, chefs and butchers, we cut a hind leg of an adult Marchigiana beef cattle, explaining the breed, the various cuts, the proper use in cooking highlighting the consumption of safe and healthy meat. My motto is: "We are what we eat!"

Thanks to my eclectic and versatile friend Riccardo Lucque I've had the opportunity to introduce myself to a marvelous audience, in a wonderful city.

Dominic C.

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Bottega della Carne "Celli" di Cedrini Donatella - P.IVA 00829890417 - C.F. CDRDTL57C64H949H - SDI: M5UXCR1
Via IV Novembre, 11 - 47863 Novafeltria (Rimini)
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