Il due Febbraio 2012, è stato inaugurato da Riccardo Lucque, nel centro di Praga, (Repubblica Ceca) un nuovo Bistrò: "La Bottega di Finestra".

It is not just the store, but also a reference for anyone who is looking for true Italian culinary excellence.

Upon entering, café, bakery and deli, are the masters, and young workers in the service, very professional, right away, to make you feel at ease.

Well conceived the idea, to make available to customers, the tables in different local areas, for use by a simple tasting, or lunch / dinner fast.

Then, fresh fish comes from Venice and Porto D'Ascoli, bread, processed and cooked in the same room as Mimmo, the good baker of Altamura, fresh meat from Marchigiana IGP, sectioned and processed on site, supplied by my company.

In an adjacent room, cared for by the friendly and experienced Emilio, spreads, with wide choice, from wines to cheeses, to the typical pork products.

The firm Celli, as a supplier of meats and meat Marches PGI for almost two years, for three rooms (two restaurants and a shop) the same owner, was present at the media event, presenting to journalists and the public, our meats without preservatives including the 1st butcher patent born in Montefeltro: "Montefeltro's Mandolin" in fact.

Then, with the help of my son Marco, before an audience of journalists, photographers, chefs, butchers ..., we dissected live a hindquarter of beef Marche, explaining the breed, the different cuts and the appropriate use in the kitchen, mainly giving prominence to a healthy consumption of meat and even more ...... secure. My motto: "We are what we eat."

I sincerely thank the friend multifaceted and eclectic Riccardo Lucque, for giving me the opportunity once again to introduce me to a wonderful audience, in a dream city.

Dominic C.
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